Friday, 30 January 2009


I was just surfing makemeup's blogspot, it's gorgeous! You should check her out, I had great fun reading her blog and her website is so organized. Just a little update today as I'm kind of busy. I will be updating my makeup collection so I will have a video on youtube and some pictures on here so please care to check them out. Please follow, I know. If you come onto here and think, NO FOLLOWERS? It's only because I just started blogging yesterday. So...I'm thinking about doing a Silver Frosty Look for youtube. And....I will be updating over the weekend and telling you about that. Maybe going shopping, I need some more foundation, the only problem is, I don't know which shade to get?!?!? Oh and I will be doing a review on the new mascara I got on Sunday for my birthday and a review on the Clean & Clear Advantage Quick Clear Spot Treatment Gel, I got that on my birthday aswell when I was in Tescos. That's it for now, TOODLES!


  1. Hi Chloe~

    Thank you for following and welcome to beauty blogging! :D Nice to meet you~ :] I look forward to your looks and videos!

  2. Thanks. I had a blogsot before, I forgot the password...haha.