Tuesday, 24 February 2009


Today I have not been feeling very well so I took it easy. I have the cold.

Quick Update.



Sunday, 22 February 2009

Confessions of a shopaholic….

WAS GREAT! Isla Fisher plays the main person, Rebecca and she’s a shopaholic. Rebecca has been a journalist for five years and works for a magazine. Her friend wants her to stop buying so many clothes, shoes, accessories, etc. for herself but Rebecca just can’t help herself. Then when Rebecca loses her job and can’t pay the bills, she realises there is only ONE thing left to do. Sell all of her clothes at an auction. She makes a profit of $1600 something, pays her bills and gets herself a boyfriend! I would rate this movie a 4/5 because even though it was excellent it was confusing in tiny parts. I would watch that movie 50000 times and it would still make me laugh. I think it was like a comedy/romance type of film, but yeah….it was great!

Saturday, 21 February 2009

Longgg time…

Okk….haven’t posted since 13th so this is a quick update. So today, woke up quite early because I had a headache. My mate Millie came round for me and Abbey because we were going to go to the shops. I got a bottle of coke. Haha….not fashion/makeup related but I was soo hungry and thirsty. We then came back because Millie was going into town for Lunch so me and Abbey walked back home ourselves and hung out with Sarah. Millie came back soon after and we got sooo cheesed off at some boys. This boy threatened us with a hammer. :O

Friday, 13 February 2009


Hey guys, this is a quick update since I haven't posted since last Friday. Ok, so I've had a gigantic spot which I have had on my chin and I have been annoyed with that but Today I had it squeezed.

Here is a basic outline of my week:

Not much, had a lazy day.


Had fun at school experimenting the formation of volcanoes and earthquakes.

Not much.

We're off Wednesday, Thursday and Friday soo...today I made some more videos for Youtube.

We had fun out in the snow.

Well today we're getting the Asda to our house and we're going to have a special meal to celebrate my parents' anniversary/valentines day. I'll tell you about that later. Ooh....and I had my spot popped today.

Friday, 6 February 2009

It's a pass!!

So, I took my two maths exams today and as you may notice, I PASSED! Ok, they were quite hard but I got there in the end. 26/30 on my first exam and 22/30 on my second. Tut, tut, tut, could have been better. So, I hadn't eaten until Lunchtime because I was soo scared. So now, I'm off to my dance class. This was a VERY small update, I know, and I'm sorry guys.

Thursday, 5 February 2009

Good Laughs

Last night it snowed heavy and there was loads of snow this morning...but we still had to go to school. There was over half the school on the field chucking snowballs, and I'm like...what's the big deal? There's some snow..yes...so? We had peer mediation first thing. Peer mediation? It's like...when two or more people get into a fight..they come and see a peer mediator and talk the situation through. We then had a game of Benchball. Unfortunatley...I had to sit out because of something that happened with my toe...you don't wanna go there. Then we had our German lesson...kinda boring...did a bit of maths and then had our Lunch Break. And after we had our English lesson and we were using Similes...I've done them before when I was like seven but we were doing more descriptive similes today.
So...I was walking home and this annoying boy in my class chucks a snowball at me. I pulled a face at him..haha. Now I'm home and in bed taking it easy with my toe...poor toe.


Wednesday, 4 February 2009


Hey, I'm able to post ALOT more than I have been doing recently because...I'm Better! I went to school today and at around 3pm it started snowing. I will post a picture later because I'm too lazy atm. So I went into school and everybody was like you've gotta do your maths exam today and I'm like...WHAT?!?! So I goes up to the teacher and asks her and she says 'Not until next week' and I was like..PHEW. So we had dancing today and i'm feeling sick again now haha. I know, I just said I'm better...haha. Need to watch what I say. And we wrote a report on the Inner Core of The Earth. I'm halfway through it, but we get time tommorow to finish it...and to finish off the day we talked about Stereotype Samaritans (not sure if that's how you spell, but...). And now I'm lying in bed relaxing and making sure my illness doesn't get ANY more worse than it has done recently.


Tuesday, 3 February 2009


Hey, as you all know, I am not well. I will be doing very quick updates until theres any signs of me geting better. So, I was kept off school today and I had to lie down watching tv all day which isn't particularly very nice.


Monday, 2 February 2009

OMG and...MAN!

Ok, firstly, I've read this girl's blog and it said she watched a documentary about the world ending on the year 2012. Basically, even if she has watched a documentary, I won't believe it. Sorry, guys, but that's how it works with me. I watched this documentary in school today about the Solar Systam and astronomy and it's quite a new documentary. (Made on 10th January 2009) And it said eventually (10000 million years or so) the Sun will regain it's gravitational pull and pull the Earth and the 8 other planets into the Sun. So, NO, I do not believe that.

And, secondly, I may not post much in the next few days because I'm not feeling well, sore stomach, stuffy nose, headache, dizzyness and weakness. So yeah, this was basically a quick update. See you guys soon!

Sunday, 1 February 2009

Today's Look.

1. First apply some sort of cream. The sort I use will be in the 'Products I Use' list. (No makeup, ahh)

2. Apply a sort of base onto the eyelids, I appied a beigy/brownish colour.

3. Apply a sort of light green eyeshadow to the eyelids. My lashes haven't been curled and they're not falsies. They're naturally curly.

4. Apply a sort of eyeliner to your lower lashline and upper lashline.

5. Apply some mascara.