Monday, 2 February 2009

OMG and...MAN!

Ok, firstly, I've read this girl's blog and it said she watched a documentary about the world ending on the year 2012. Basically, even if she has watched a documentary, I won't believe it. Sorry, guys, but that's how it works with me. I watched this documentary in school today about the Solar Systam and astronomy and it's quite a new documentary. (Made on 10th January 2009) And it said eventually (10000 million years or so) the Sun will regain it's gravitational pull and pull the Earth and the 8 other planets into the Sun. So, NO, I do not believe that.

And, secondly, I may not post much in the next few days because I'm not feeling well, sore stomach, stuffy nose, headache, dizzyness and weakness. So yeah, this was basically a quick update. See you guys soon!


  1. I hope you feel better!! LOL, I wouldn't believe that type of stuff so easily either.

  2. My Mum said that..her friend told her The World was supposed to end on 1982 or didn't. And thankyou.