Thursday, 5 February 2009

Good Laughs

Last night it snowed heavy and there was loads of snow this morning...but we still had to go to school. There was over half the school on the field chucking snowballs, and I'm like...what's the big deal? There's some We had peer mediation first thing. Peer mediation? It's like...when two or more people get into a fight..they come and see a peer mediator and talk the situation through. We then had a game of Benchball. Unfortunatley...I had to sit out because of something that happened with my don't wanna go there. Then we had our German lesson...kinda boring...did a bit of maths and then had our Lunch Break. And after we had our English lesson and we were using Similes...I've done them before when I was like seven but we were doing more descriptive similes today.
So...I was walking home and this annoying boy in my class chucks a snowball at me. I pulled a face at him..haha. Now I'm home and in bed taking it easy with my toe...poor toe.


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