Wednesday, 4 February 2009


Hey, I'm able to post ALOT more than I have been doing recently because...I'm Better! I went to school today and at around 3pm it started snowing. I will post a picture later because I'm too lazy atm. So I went into school and everybody was like you've gotta do your maths exam today and I'm like...WHAT?!?! So I goes up to the teacher and asks her and she says 'Not until next week' and I was like..PHEW. So we had dancing today and i'm feeling sick again now haha. I know, I just said I'm better...haha. Need to watch what I say. And we wrote a report on the Inner Core of The Earth. I'm halfway through it, but we get time tommorow to finish it...and to finish off the day we talked about Stereotype Samaritans (not sure if that's how you spell, but...). And now I'm lying in bed relaxing and making sure my illness doesn't get ANY more worse than it has done recently.


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