Saturday, 7 March 2009

Happy Saturday!

Hola! My friend’s birthday is today and I just wanted to say happy birthday, hun! I hope you have a good one.

Two days! Can’t wait. Some sticky labels came in the post today so I wrote my name on those and ironed them onto my luggage. We also went grocery shopping and just got a few things that we needed for my trip on Monday. We popped into Tesco’s and got Sara a birthday card. It’s cute! It’s a me to you bear birthday card. We also got some new deodorant for me to take to Dalguise as mine is running out and I wanted to stay on the safe side. We also went grocery shopping at Lidls and me and Abbey were mucking around for some reason. We then went to Argos and got a pillow and a 24-pack of triple a batteries. We finally went into WH SMITHS to get a disposable camera and a gift bag. It was buy one get one free on the cameras so we got two.

I will post some pictures of the dog soon because I have evidence that he has been on the stairs when he isn't supposed to be.  



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