Tuesday, 3 March 2009


Hello peoples! I’m getting better at my blogging but I’m still trying to blog as MUCH as possible. I forgot to tell you guys….I am going camping with my year next week! We leave on Monday Afternoon, 1PMish because we are not allowed to get there before 3PM. I have packed a few weeks ago. I like to get organised a few weeks before things actually happen. It is Danny’s birthday on the Wednesday were at DALGUISE. Luckily he gets a cake, but he has to wait until the Saturday to do things with his family. We have to be up at 7AM and have our breakfast by 7:45AM. We’re then doing activities until about 11:30AM so we will be quite hungry by the time we get our Lunch. We’re then out until about 4PM then come in to have a break and tea. We then get to play an indoor activity such as hide and seek IN THE DARK! That is going to be so much fun and they also teach us songs. On the Thursday we get a leaving disco. We return on Friday at around 3:30PMish.

Today we were going over minerals and rocks. Sedimentary, Igneous and Metamorphic rocks, to be precise. We also learnt that Martin Luther started reformation. I hadn’t had a clue who had started the reformation until now. So yeah…



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