Sunday, 15 March 2009

Marley And Me

Hey Guys!
I know I haven't posted on Dalguise yet but I have been busy. Today we went to the cinema to see Marley And Me for my Mums birthday. She didn't want to do anything too big so we just decided to go to the cinema.
I would rate Marley And Me 5/5 because I love dogs and this one was probably the funniest movie I have ever seen!
John gets Jenny an early birthday present: a dog! They decide to name it Marley and Jenny goes away leaving John to bond with Marley. Marley turns out to be a rascal and chews anything he possibly can and won't listen. But when Jenny has her first child, Patrick, Marley sort of changes and isn't the biggest rascal he used to be. Jenny ends up having three kids. Marley falls ill one night and goes missing. John finds him lying down and takes him to the vets. The vet says Marley has possible eaten too fast or drank too quickly and his stomach is twisted. She give Marley treatment and he's better. A few days later he falls ill again. The only option is that he gets surgery which only 10% dogs survive from it. Halfway through the surgery Marley passes away.
It was sad and funny at the same time.

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