Friday, 20 March 2009

It’s been a while…

I should really start taking pictures during the week…I’ll start that…maybe.

So I had my peer mediation training yesterday afternoon. We were going over the process of anger and little things that cause conflicts.

We have to do a talk on Dalguise for Monday. I’m almost finished.

My next door neighbours little girl, Annabelle has been playing out in her little pink sleep suit! Aww.

We had a celebration today to celebrate the finish of the ‘Seasons for growth’ program. My friends baby sister came in and made us all laugh by crawling around and going ‘Meow!’ She was also sitting in peoples laps and thinking ‘This isn’t comfy enough.’ and pushing herself onto the next persons lap.

I got tickets to a Dundee v. Celtic game today but we don’t know if we’re going because my mum is running Alloa half marathon on Sunday and my sister has a party to go to. The match starts at 2pm..and finished 4pm.

Anyway..that’s all for now..bye guys!

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